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How To Gain Admission In Nigeria 2021/2022

How To Gain Admission In Nigeria.

On this page I’ll show you simple steps and guidelines to follow to gain admission into any university in Nigeria without stress.

Admission into Federal University is very competitive.

It must however be noted that Admission into State University and Polytechnic is also Competitive.

Gaining admission into Nigerian Universities and Most Especially the Federal Universities hasn’t been an easy ride and it won’t be easy this year.

Before we proceed see the requirements to gain admission in Nigeria.

Requirements To Gain Admission Into University In Nigeria

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to Gain Admission into your First Choice Institution this year 2021 Without paying money or Knowing Someone?

Well, it’s quite Possible.

We understand that University Admission is one of the most discussed Topics among Secondary School Leavers.

Learn how to Gain Admission today in Nigeria 2021.

The truth is that gaining Admission into any School of your choice in Nigeria is not as black as painted.

The common belief that you won’t be admitted until you know someone is not true.

There is always a Merit Admission List.

Your Brain plays a very vital role when it comes to gaining admission in Nigeria.

With an excellent JAMB  and Post UTME Score, your admission is sure.

How To Gain Admission In Nigeria
Admission in Nigeria

How To Gain Admission In Nigeria

What are the 3 Criteria For Admission in Nigeria?

  • Merit Admission.
  • Catchment Admission.
  • Educationally less developed States.
  • General/Departmental Cut off Marks.

What Does Merit Admission Means?

Be it Federal, State or Private Universities, Merit is a major criteria for offering admission.

Merit means you gained admission because you deserved it.

It is a result of high JAMB Score and Post UTME Score.

This is also ultimate Guide on How To Gain Admission In Nigeria.

What Does Catchment Admission Means?

Another yardstick for admission is the catchment area.

Catchment is the admission advantage you get when the University is in your State or Neighbouring State.

After admitting Candidates who deserve the admission (Merit Admission), those who are from the State or nearby areas are favoured next.

If you have the same score as them, they may still gain admission before you.

The catchment area admission factor makes candidates think the school is cheating them.

You must do your best to be on the Merit list if the school in Question is not in your Catchment.

This is also ultimate Guide on How To Gain Admission In Nigeria.

What Does Educationally Less Developed States Means?

States and People who generally don’t like to go to school are also given admission slots also.

These are areas where the academic standard is very low.

If you are from a State where an average person doesn’t talk about school or no good schools, you have a chance of gaining admission even with a lower score.

This is to encourage you to go to school and motivate others.

This is also ultimate Guide on How To Gain Admission In Nigeria.

General And Departmental Cut Off Mark 2021

Universities, Colleges of Education and Polytechnics usually have two cut off marks which are:

  • General cut off

  • Department cut off

a) General Cut Off Mark

This is the mark below which one cannot apply/gain admission to study any course.

If the general cut off mark for a school is 160, you can not apply/gain admission to study any course in that school even if you scored 159.

This is also ultimate Guide on How To Gain Admission In Nigeria.

b) Departmental Cut off Mark

This cut off mark is released by departments every year.

It is based on the performance of students in JAMB and Post UTME.

It determines if you will be admitted to study your desired course.

Candidates who score Above the general cut off but Below departmental cut off marks are usually admitted to study related courses (without lower cut off marks).

The departmental cut off varies for MERIT, Catchment and Educationally less developed States, with that of merit always higher.

School catchment area is the geographical area from which students are eligible to attend a local school.

You now understand how the University admission cut off mark is gotten and why some candidates are not offered admission even when they score above the general cut off mark.

This is also ultimate Guide on How To Gain Admission In Nigeria.


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