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How to Score  Above 300 in JAMB 2021

If you are writing jamb cbt exam 2021, I enjoin you to carefully read this article as it contains everything you need to pass  jamb cbt exams 2021, Trust me; you are not going to regret reading, this article have the answer to your questions, it’s the ultimate guide.

JAMB  is one of the prerequisite  for candidates that wants to gain admission into any  tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

How to score  above 300 in jamb 2021

It is for this reason, that we publish (how to score  above 300 in jamb 2021) this simplify article. This article will guide and prepare you  on  “how to score  above 300 in jamb 2021 “ without much stress.

If you have been surfing the web for a unique comprehensive guide on  how to score above 300-280 or asking if  JAMB cbt exam is difficult, then this article is for you.

One thing you must know is that, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination is like every other exam. As such, candidates seeking to gain admission into any tertiary institution of their choice in the 2021 JAMB Computer Based Test (CBT) should know that just like every other exams, they can also pass the exams successfully.

How to score  above 300 in jamb 2021

It should be further noted that passing Jamb cbt examination increases your chances of gaining admission into any institution in Nigeria.

Below are the (10) basic principles of “how to score  above 300 in jamb 2021” , we called it ‘The 10 Laws of JAMB SUCCESS’.

How to score  above 300 in JAMB 2021

  1. Make sure you start reading on time
  2. create a reading timetable
  3. Set A high Target
  4. Attend JAMB Tutorials
  5. Total dedication; Study like never before
  6. Make use of JAMB Past questions
  7. Practice with Offline & online JAMB apps/software
  8. Develop a time saving strategy
  9. Understanding Any Questions
  10. Always Ask God for help

Before we put the aforementioned key points into consideration let me ask you  few questions;

  1. Did you know Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) was established in 1978 on a military decree? Now you know.
  2. Did you know every year more than 1.9 million candidates sit for jamb and only about 800,000 get admitted? That’s a more reason you should be very serious.
  3. Did you know that post UTME started in 2005/2006?
  4. Did you know that the Jamb CBT started 2015 ?
  5. Did you know that jamb is now the major factor that determines your admission into any university in Nigeria?
  6. Did you know that jamb computer sometimes fail candidates in the exam hall?
  7. Did you know that many candidates fail Jamb, not because they are not clever but because they did not cross check?
  8. Did you know that Jamb is very easy to pass and also easy to fail?
  9. Did you know that Jamb Caps was introduced two years ago? CAPS means central Admission processing system
  10.  Did you know? No one has ever scored zero(0) in Jamb ?.

How to score  above 300 in jamb 2021

Now that you know, what are the things expected of you?

In just 10 points, I will highlight what you should do in Jamb 2021 so as to have outstanding success. Remember, “a word is enough for the wise”.

  1. First, you must dedicate quality time to study for your examination. Hard work doesn’t kill.
  2. Secondly, channel all the energy you would rather use to organise malpractice to your studies. Malpractice doesn’t always work out especially in this particular exams, it’s simple to pass only if you prepare the right way with updated materials and resources.
  3. Take away anything that will distract you as you prepare for your Jamb 2021.
  4. Identify your dark spot and shine some light on it. Don’t give up on difficult courses, understand them.
  5. Use past questions to prepare for Jamb 2021.
  6. Test your speed as you study.
  7. Follow instructions all the way.
  8. Ask questions when you are not clear about anything.
  9. Meet fellow applicant and interact with them.
  10. Believe in yourself, let nobody make you to settle for less. You are the best and as a result deserves the best in life.

(how to score  above 300 in jamb 2021) Now let’s consider the above key points in details:

To be successful in life is about the choice you make in life. And for you to be successful you need what will work out for your success. For you  that is reading this article, I must congratulate you because you are reading what will work out for your success in the upcoming JAMB CBT Exam. But before then you should be ready to pay the “PRICE  for the PRIZE”.

Make sure you start reading on time

How to Score Above 300 in 2021 JAMB cbt Exams

One of the mistakes you don’t want to make this year, is to start reading for jamb cbt examination when it is already late. The truth is that; you will not cover enough ground if you do so.  JAMB  CBT examination is not that very easy, so don’t think it is just a trivial exam.

Do not relax till it is just one month to the examination. If you do that, then you are putting your chance of success at risk, take note.

Create A reading timetable

Create A reading timetable

The next step you should take is to create a timetable. A timetable will help you cover up all you are supposed to read before your exam. It will give you the opportunity to maximise your time effectively, and to prepare very well for your jamb cbt exam.

More often than not, candidates fail to do this on the justification that they can’t strictly follow their timetable. Well, it is important to know that, you must not follow it strictly. Just make sure you do your best to conform to it.

While creating your timetable, make sure you give more time to difficult subjects. Of course, you know those subjects that usually give you trouble. Read them more often than any other subject.

Set A High Target

Set A High Target

Each time students fail, that moment makes them resolve to score higher and better. But all the fire seems to be momentary and does not last longer. So how to have a consistent study goal and achieve it? But before that, why should you do it? You must do it because it makes you a happy person or you want to be successful ?. Facing challenges and overcoming it helps you evolve your personality and makes problem-solving in life easier. Being a good student means even in life you will be a good learner as you organise your activities right and achieve your goals as per target.

So, therefore, your target should be ‘how to score  above 300 in jamb 2021’, this will not only inspire you but will also motivate you to read for your exam.

Try And Attend JAMB Tutorials

Try And Attend JAMB Tutorials

According to Wikipedia,  tutorial, in education, is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture, a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task. Intensive tutorials would help coach you and put you on the right track. For each of your subjects, set aside a separate jotter for each course taught during the tutorial. This jotter should be different from your personal study jotter. Read this jotter every day. Participate actively during tutorials for best result.

Total dedication; Study like never before

How to Score Above 300 in 2021 JAMB cbt Exams

Students usually think that once they have written  the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) examination and passed with good grades, they have done the most important thing that is needed to gain admission in Nigeria. But this is not actually true.

To pass JAMB 2021 examination you have to study relentlessly and smartly too. Reading is the ultimate key to pass any examination in Nigeria and that is what you must do.

It is the only way to pass  the examination. Remember if you don’t prepare you are absolutely planning to fail. Also you can’t cheat in JAMB cbt exams.

Make use of JAMB Past questions

How to Score Above 300 in 2021 JAMB cbt Exams

Make sure you study with JAMB past questions , doing this will go a long way to help you perform excellently in the task ahead of you. So, it right to say that getting the right materials for JAMB examination, is key to success in the examination.

Another prerequisite tip to help you pass your JAMB cbt exams 2021  is to study past questions that have been asked by JAMB in previous years.

JAMB do repeat past questions. Thus, studying  JAMB past questions  is very essential in passing  your examination.

They pick questions that have been asked in previous JAMB UTME examination. we have research about this and have found out that it is really a great tip to help candidates pass JAMB CBT examination.

Remember that proficiency is developed through practice.  So, if you must beat time during the exam, quality preparation is not a suggestion; it’s necessary.

Using your past questions, practice solving 30 questions in 30 minutes. That will help you to rate yourself and also to develop a very good time saving strategy for the real exam.

One of the best ways to save time while increasing your chances of getting very high is starting with your favorite and easiest subject. Continue that way till you are through with all the papers and you will be amazed at how much time you were able to save.

Ensure to read all the necessary books and novel as recommended in the jamb syllabus  2021 for the 2021 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) CBT Exams, Always time yourself while practising these past questions to rate and improve on your speed as well as accuracy.

Practice with Offline & online JAMB apps/software

JAMB apps/software

one of the materials you will need to pass JAMB CBT examination is JAMB CBT App/Software.

Practicing with  apps/software will help you to familiarise with the way JAMB  questions are set. It will also help you to reduce fear and tension during your the exam.

This is basically why we recommend all our students to Practice with online JAMB apps/software. No doubt, it is one of the tentative steps you must follow to prepare and pass JAMB CBT examination this year.

Understanding Any Questions

how to score  above 300 in jamb 2021

Believe it or not, JAMB questions are much more confusing than any other exam you can think of. This is why you should develop your understanding skill.

Make sure that while reading your past questions and materials, you are able to understand them. Do not just read and cram them. Try to decipher where the questions are coming from and learn that particular topic very well.

Always Ask God for help

how to score  above 300 in jamb 2021

In conclusion, to prepare and pass (how to score above 300 in jamb ) JAMB 2021 examination successfully with excellent score, you must seek God’s help.

The truth is that, you can’t pass without a spiritual being to guide you through.

Sometimes, unprecedented things will happen to jeopardise your success in the examination, and if you don’t have a God by your side, then you are bound to fail the examination.

By now, you must have heard of instances where candidates fail JAMB CBT examinations just because of a problem in the computer.

It is not that they didn’t read hard or prepare for the examination like every other candidates.

It is just because they didn’t have God by their side. So, to pass the impending JAMB examination, you need to pray to God to put you through, always put God first before any other thing.

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If you have any question kindly use the comment box, we’ll  reply you instantly.

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