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JAMB Guide on Choice of Institution in Nigeria

This page covers JAMB Guide on Choice of Institution 2021/2022. 

What are the best universities to study in Nigeria? You like to ask this question.

Picking a course and Institution is a very critical decision you must take.

Do not mess things up.

Choose wisely.

We will be discussing on the factors to consider before choosing an institution that is JAMB Guide on Choice of Institution 2021.

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JAMB Guide on Choice of Institution 2021
JAMB Guide on Choice of Institution

However, the best University in Nigeria may not be the best for you.

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on Choice of Institution, before applying for admission into Any Nigerian University, it will be of a tremendous importance if you consider some certain factors.

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This is another question to examine carefully before choosing that course, where is the best place or institution to gain the appropriate knowledge and skills?

keep reading JAMB Guide on Choice of Institution.

It could be a place where there is plenty of demand for skills of your chosen course, so without assuming too much, there would be an opening for an internship or a graduate trainee program.

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It could also mean that the country of study is chosen because of its prowess in that particular industry, you wish to pursue a career in.

It would be a plus and an advantage to learn a new language, culture and have a new experience altogether with new friends.

JAMB Guide on Choice of Institution in Nigeria

Below are the factors to consider when choosing a University in nigeria.

1. Your First Love

This factor on JAMB Guide on Choice of Institution has to do with your dream institution right from childhood.

Nothing makes you more productive in school than gaining admission to study your desired course in the desired varsity.

Which is Your dream University? Keep reading to find out other factors.

2. Quality of Teaching

Choose a University that has good teaching standard.

Staff strength matters in choosing a tertiary institution of study.

It is good to consider the practical exposure of the students at the University.

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Most Federal schools in Nigeria are a good choice.

Why Quality teaching is important?

School quality is an important determinant of student achievement, the most important predictor is teacher quality.

3. Cost factor

On JAMB Guide on Choice of Institution , I know We all like to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other World standard institutions.

But considering our financial strength or that of our parents/guardian, there are sometimes limitations.

Your best bet is to choose a University that is still OK and affordable.

Other cost-related factors to consider include the cost of housing, food, books, transportation, health, insurance, and more.

Additionally, schools located in big cities might require that you spend double your expectations, especially in terms of rent.

International schools also cost more in terms of fees and the cost of living.

If the money happens to pose an obstacle, you may consider a school very close to your home with cheaper fees and expenses.

4. Employment Factor

JAMB Guide on Choice of Institution.

Are the students of the University employable at all?

What is the employment rate of graduates?

Think about these things so you don’t make mistakes choosing a course of study.

5. Certificate Factor

Is the certificate offered by the institution respected in the country? If yes, you can go ahead. Besides that, are you proud of the school?

6. Life outside the classroom

JAMB Guide on Choice of Institution.

You need to understand your personality outside the lecture hall.

What defines you?

What are you interested in doing?

Remember to create a longer-lasting memory with your experiences outside your classroom.

And so, you need to find out the kind of extra-curricular activities that are available on the campus.

In addition, you need to discover if the environment is friendly to your faith.

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If your faith is not celebrated there, that means you might find it difficult to worship God in the environment.

7. Find out if the Institution is accredited

Accreditation is simply a license given to a school to operate.

An official organization ensures that the school meets the required standards for learning.

It is also crucial to find out if your choice of course is also accredited.

Want to know how? Go to the official website of the school and find out all you need to.

There is also an email or phone number provided on the website, you could call or message them for more information.

The reason for accreditation is for your certificate to be recognized by your potential employer and other schools, in case you would wish to go for your masters or any other programme.

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8. Know the reason you are going to a higher institution

Lastly, This might sound very simple.

But the reality is that not every prospective student knows his or her reason for going to a higher institution.

In knowing your reason, you must understand what you want to be in the future.

This is the right time to know if you are still wallowing in obscurity.

You may want to go into self-reflection as well.

What kind of higher institution do you wish to attend?

College or university?

Large or small?

Arts or technical?

Far away from or close to home?

Expensive or cheaper?

Providing the answers to the questions will set you on a better pedestal to knowing your reason for wanting to attend a higher institution.

What if you are not ready for a higher institution? It is quite possible.

You may wish to take a year off and spend it on other important areas of your life.

You could use it to volunteer or travel or even learn a skill.

Engaging in productive activity is very necessary here.

In conclusion, going to a higher institution is one of the dreams of every high school student.

However, there are so many points to put into play while applying for your admission.

Make sure you go through the above-listed points to get a well-informed decision on what to do.

This are factors to consider when choosing a university in Nigeria.


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