Who owns N-Power?

In the dynamic world of energy and technology, N-Power has emerged as a prominent player, shaping the landscape of skills development and socioeconomic empowerment. With a mission to bridge the digital divide and foster inclusive growth, N-Power has gained recognition for its transformative impact on individuals and communities worldwide. However, amidst its success, a question often arises: who owns N-Power?

Ownership Structure: A Tale of Two Entities

To unravel the ownership structure of N-Power, it’s essential to distinguish between two distinct entities: N-Power in the United Kingdom and N-Power in Nigeria.

N-Power UK: A Subsidiary of E.ON UK

N-Power UK, a leading provider of gas and electricity to businesses, is a subsidiary of E.ON UK, a wholly owned division of the German energy giant E.ON. This acquisition, completed in January 2019, solidified N-Power UK’s position as a key player in the UK energy market.

N-Power Nigeria: A Federal Government Initiative

In contrast, N-Power Nigeria stands as a distinct entity, established and operated by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Launched in 2016 under the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP), N-Power Nigeria aims to address youth unemployment and promote social development through targeted skills training and development programs.

N-Power’s Global Footprint: A Tapestry of Partnerships and Collaborations

While the ownership structure of N-Power varies across geographies, the organization’s global impact extends far beyond its national boundaries. N-Power has forged partnerships and collaborations with a diverse array of organizations, including governments, non-profit entities, and private sector companies. These partnerships have enabled N-Power to expand its reach, tailor its programs to local needs, and maximize its impact on communities worldwide.

FAQs: Addressing Common Queries

Who founded N-Power UK?

N-Power UK was established in 2000 as the consumer division of Innogy plc, following the demerger of its overseas operations as International Power plc.

What is the purpose of N-Power Nigeria?

N-Power Nigeria aims to address youth unemployment and promote social development by providing targeted skills training and development programs in various sectors, including agriculture, education, healthcare, and technology.

Does N-Power operate in other countries besides the UK and Nigeria?

Yes, N-Power’s global reach extends to other countries, including the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. In these regions, N-Power operates through partnerships with local organizations, adapting its programs to the specific needs of each region.


N-Power’s ownership structure reflects its multifaceted operations, with distinct entities in the UK and Nigeria. While E.ON UK holds ownership of N-Power UK, N-Power Nigeria remains under the purview of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Despite these differences in ownership, N-Power’s commitment to empowering individuals and communities through skills development and socioeconomic advancement remains unwavering. Its global reach, fostered by partnerships and collaborations, further expands its impact, making N-Power a beacon of hope and transformation in the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

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