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How to Answer UNICAL GSS CBT Exams Questions

This page covers tips on How to Answer UNICAL GSS CBT Exams Questions , shortcut keys and List of Prohibited Items in UNICAL GSS EXAMS Hall. Details are as follows:

How to Answer UNICAL GSS CBT Exams Questions
UNICAL GSS CBT Exams Questions

How to Answer UNICAL GSS CBT Exams Questions

Below are the few tips on how to answer UNICAL GSS CBT Exams questions.

  1. Ensure you fill in the necessary details and check all fields properly.

  2. Make sure you read the instructions very carefully.

  3. Plan how much time you will spend on each of the question.

  4. Don’t spend more than a minute on any question.

  5. Select an answer for every question as you meet them.

  6. Guess logically by eliminating answers to questions you are not sure of.

  7. Learn the keyboard shortcuts below to answer questions faster.

Answers to questions may be entered into the computer in either of two ways.

You may key in answers by clicking on the option using the MOUSE you believe to be the answer or typing in the LETTER of the option using the keyboard.

UNICAL GSS CBT Exams Questions

UNICAL GSS CBT Exams Answers Shortcut keys

The keyboard shortcuts are eight in number and the 8 keys are ABCDPNS and R.

  1. Key A stands for option A.

  2. Press the A key on the keyboard to select option A as your answer to a question.

  3. Press B if you think the correct option is B.

  4. Press C if you feel that the correct answer to your question is C.

  5. Press D if you feel the correct answer to the current question is D.

  6. Press P or leftwards arrow to go to the previous question.

  7. Press N or rightwards arrow to proceed to the next question.

  8. The S button can be used to end your exam.

  9. Ensure to cross check your work before submitting.

  10. Finally, the R key is used to return to the exam.

This shouldn’t be new to you, majority of you reading this article had wrote UNICAL Post utme before gaining admission, Apply same method.

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Once you confirm that you want to end by pressing SUBMIT , the test will close and you will not be able to regain entry.

It’s advisable you go through your work before submitting.

List of Prohibited Items in UNICAL GSS Exam Hall

Below are the full list of prohibited items in UNICAL GSS exam hall.

  1. Mobile phones

  2. Calculators

  3. Wristwatches

  4. Recorders

  5. Spy reading glasses

  6. Cameras

  7. Ear piece

  8. Bluetooth devices

  9. USB

  10. CD

  11. Hard disk and other similar storage devices

  12. Pen/biro

  13. Smart lenses

  14. Books or any reading/writing material

  15. Ink/pen readers

  16. Key holders

  17. ATM cards

  18. Erasers

  19. Smart rings/jewelries


All the Best.

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Thank you very much. Please to make a good result in unical what are the key steps to take ??