Has N-Power Batch C started deployment?

The Federal Government of Nigeria’s N-Power program has been a beacon of hope for many young Nigerians seeking employment and skills development opportunities. The program, which was introduced in 2016, has provided vocational training and work experience to tens of thousands of beneficiaries across various sectors.

N-Power Batch C, the latest iteration of the program, commenced in 2021 with the onboarding of over 500,000 beneficiaries. This batch was divided into two streams, with Stream 1 beneficiaries completing their training and commencing deployment in 2022.

N-Power Batch C Deployment Status

As of November 2023, N-Power Batch C Stream 2 deployment has commenced. Beneficiaries are advised to regularly check their NASIMS portal for deployment details, including their Primary Place of Assignment (PPA).

How to Check N-Power Batch C Deployment Status

  1. Visit the NASIMS portal at https://ssp.nasims.gov.ng/
  2. Click on the “Login” button
  3. Enter your registered email address and password
  4. Click on the “Deployment” tab
  5. Your deployment status and PPA information will be displayed

N-Power Batch C Deployment Process

Once a beneficiary has been deployed, they will receive a deployment letter from NASIMS. This letter will contain important information such as the beneficiary’s PPA, contact details, and reporting instructions.

Beneficiaries are expected to report to their PPAs within the specified timeframe and adhere to the program’s guidelines and regulations. Regular attendance, active participation, and demonstration of skills are crucial for successful completion of the program.


N-Power Batch C deployment is underway, and beneficiaries should continue to check their NASIMS portal regularly for updates. The program offers valuable employment and skills development opportunities for young Nigerians, and successful completion can lead to enhanced employability and career prospects.

N-Power Batch C Deployment FAQs

When will N-Power Batch C Stream 2 deployment be completed?

The exact timeline for the completion of N-Power Batch C Stream 2 deployment has not been publicly announced. However, the deployment process is ongoing, and beneficiaries are encouraged to regularly check their NASIMS portal for updates.

What should I do if I have not been deployed yet?

If you have not been deployed yet, please be patient and continue to check your NASIMS portal regularly. Deployment is an ongoing process, and not all beneficiaries will be deployed simultaneously.

What if I am not satisfied with my PPA?

If you have concerns about your PPA, you may request reassignment through the NASIMS portal. However, reassignment requests are subject to availability and approval.

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