Has N-Power started paying?

The N-Power program, a component of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s National Social Investment Programme (NSIP), has been instrumental in providing employment opportunities for young Nigerians. However, recent delays in stipend payments have raised concerns among N-Power beneficiaries. This article delves into the current payment status, addresses the causes of the delays, and provides insights into the government’s efforts to ensure timely disbursement of stipends.

Payment Delays: Understanding the Challenges

The N-Power program has faced challenges in ensuring timely stipend payments to beneficiaries. These delays have been attributed to various factors, including:

  1. Administrative Issues: Processing a large number of beneficiaries and managing their payment records can be complex, leading to delays in verifying and approving payments.

  2. Budgetary Constraints: The allocation and release of funds for the N-Power program can be influenced by overall government budgeting and revenue generation, potentially impacting the timely disbursement of stipends.

  3. Verification and Validation: Ensuring the accuracy of beneficiary information and verifying their eligibility for the program can be time-consuming, contributing to payment delays.

Addressing the Delay: Government’s Response

The Federal Government has acknowledged the payment delays and has taken steps to address the issue. These measures include:

  1. Internal Audits: Conducting internal audits to identify and rectify any irregularities or inefficiencies in the payment process.

  2. Streamlined Procedures: Streamlining the payment process, including simplifying verification and validation procedures, to expedite disbursements.

  3. Improved Communication: Enhancing communication with N-Power beneficiaries, providing regular updates on payment schedules and addressing their concerns promptly.

Payment Status Updates: Current Information

As of November 2023, the N-Power program has commenced the disbursement of stipends to Batch C beneficiaries. The government is working to clear the backlog of payments and ensure that all beneficiaries receive their due stipends.


While the N-Power program has faced challenges in ensuring timely stipend payments, the government is committed to addressing these issues and ensuring that beneficiaries receive their due stipends. By streamlining procedures, improving communication, and addressing administrative bottlenecks, the government aims to establish a more efficient and reliable payment system for the N-Power program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When can I expect to receive my N-Power stipend?

The payment schedule for N-Power stipends is typically monthly. However, due to the recent delays, the government is working to clear the backlog and ensure timely disbursements.

What if I have not received my N-Power stipend?

If you have not received your N-Power stipend, you should contact the N-Power program through their official channels or visit their website for further assistance.

How can I stay updated on N-Power payment information?

The N-Power program regularly updates its website and social media pages with information on payment schedules and any changes or announcements. You can also subscribe to their email list to receive direct notifications.

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