When did N-Power shut down?

In the dynamic realm of social investment programs, the N-Power initiative emerged as a beacon of hope for Nigerian youth, providing them with opportunities for skills development and employment. However, the program’s trajectory took an unexpected turn in October 2023, when the Federal Government announced its indefinite suspension. This decision sent shockwaves through the N-Power community, leaving many beneficiaries and aspiring participants grappling with uncertainty.

Delving into the Suspension

The decision to suspend N-Power was attributed to concerns regarding alleged irregularities and a need to investigate the utilization of funds since the program’s inception. Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Betta Edu, emphasized the importance of ensuring transparency and accountability in the program’s implementation.

The suspension’s immediate impact was the disengagement of all N-Power beneficiaries, leaving over a million individuals without their monthly stipends and facing an uncertain future. This decision sparked widespread criticism, with many questioning the government’s timing and lack of clarity regarding the program’s future.

Exploring the Implications

The suspension of N-Power has far-reaching implications for the Nigerian youth and the nation’s overall socio-economic landscape. The program, which aimed to address youth unemployment and foster skills development, has left a void that will be difficult to fill.

For the beneficiaries, the loss of the N-Power stipend represents a significant financial blow, especially in a country where unemployment rates remain high. Many beneficiaries had relied on the stipends to support themselves and their families, and their sudden loss poses a serious challenge.

The suspension also impacts the overall effectiveness of poverty alleviation strategies in Nigeria. N-Power played a crucial role in providing employment opportunities and vocational training, contributing to the government’s efforts to reduce poverty and empower youth.


The suspension of N-Power has cast a shadow over the program’s future and raised concerns about the government’s commitment to youth empowerment and poverty alleviation. While the investigation into alleged irregularities is warranted, the immediate impact on beneficiaries and the broader socio-economic landscape cannot be overlooked. The government must address these concerns with transparency and urgency, ensuring a brighter future for Nigeria’s youth.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was N-Power suspended?

N-Power was suspended indefinitely on October 7, 2023.

Why was N-Power suspended?

The program was suspended due to concerns regarding alleged irregularities and a need to investigate the utilization of funds.

What impact has the suspension had on N-Power beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries have lost their monthly stipends and face an uncertain future regarding their employment prospects.

What are the implications of the suspension for Nigeria’s socio-economic landscape?

The suspension creates a void in youth employment and skills development programs, potentially hindering poverty alleviation efforts.

What is the future of N-Power?

The government has not yet provided a clear roadmap for the program’s future.

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